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Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX.
We know real estate all the way through.

We are a local, specialized real estate firm transacting across the nation.


We're here to help.

Whether you're tackling the purchase of a new property, unraveling complex inheritance matters, sorting out title issues, navigating the choppy waters of pre-foreclosures, or dealing with tax suits, we've got your back. We're also experts in guiding you through the maze of zoning laws and land use rules, so you can make the most of your property.

We believe in doing the right things at the right time

We specialize in real estate transactions, complex and simple alike.
We do things the right way, no matter how tough.



We can help. We've handled 100's of tax, mortgage and HOA foreclosures. We have an on call team ready to help no matter how complex or urgent.

Heirship or title issues?

Inherited properties

Probate, heirship, intestacy properties... we can help.

City liens or code issues

We've got your back.

We can help solve the toughest of issues with the city. Judgments for taxes, violations of code enforcement, etc. Contact us.

"Think of us as your real estate problem-solvers and value maximizers, here to support you every step of the way."

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Our team

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas

Brennan Best
Acquisitions Specialist

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